I love to tell stories but am afraid of words. An obsessive of sorts – composing & assembling / arranging & rearranging to showcase excellence of master artisans I have met over the years. Their competence in making things & their ease in materializing thought demand to be shared. Preserving crafts & keeping traditions alive might seem redundant. An afterthought. A sentimental notion. But creating objects is a fundamental part of the human condition & the beginning of it all.

After years as a creative force for big international companies like Georg Jensen, Calvin Klein & The Swatch Group & creative consultant for the United Nations Development Organization I cofounded co/rizom to develop a tool that connects traditional artisans with global retailers.

Current collaborations: Albania, Algeria, Austria, Georgia, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Romania & Uzbekistan.


Abdelaziz Kerfaz
Abby Union
Alice Stori Liechtenstein
Aleksandar Pertemov
Alex Harrison
Alexander Ehrmann
Boudechicha Saoudi
Daniela Trost
Ellen Piot
Eva Clopotar
Franz Pleininger
J&L Lobmeyr
Leonid Rath
Lilli Hollein
Ludwig Kyral
Magda & Wodek Przygoda
Martin Hufnagl
Matthias Kaiser
MC Didero
Michael Sprachmann
Michaela Modl Fuller
Victor Clopotar
Victor Dulgheru
Paul M Graves
Pia Scharler
Rainer Mattejka
Robert Comploj
Sarah Linda Forrer
Sofie Lachaert
Waltraud Luegger
Abdelaziz Kerfaz
Abby Union
Alice Stori Liechtenstein
Aleksandar Pertemov
Alex Harrison
Alexander Ehrmann
Boudechicha Saoudi
Daniela Trost
Ellen Piot
Eva Clopotar
Franz Pleininger
J&L Lobmeyr
Leonid Rath
Lilli Hollein
Ludwig Kyral
Magda & Wodek Przygoda
Martin Hufnagl
Matthias Kaiser
MC Didero
Michael Sprachmann
Michaela Modl Fuller
Victor Clopotar
Victor Dulgheru
Paul M Graves
Pia Scharler
Rainer Mattejka
Robert Comploj
Sarah Linda Forrer
Sofie Lachaert
Waltraud Luegger


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Elements of Memory Collaboration / Anna Zimmermann & Philipp Kolmann / VDW 2021

exploring smell as the carrier of memory
150 million year old limestone carved into objects - holding the sensation of
longing. natural essences dripping in repetitive rhythm.

stone Gustav Hummel, St.Margarethen / natural essences & sensory concept Philipp Kolmann

'The syllables be said and said again. Time shall belong to man.' Dylan Thomas

suspended concentration
fracturing the limitation of isolation
allowing a vital human experience -
prompting a focused sensation.

repetitive rhythms
choreographing infinitive longing
demanding limitless being -
facing a city built of oceans in stone.

fluid temptation
envisioning individual recollections
transformed into potential futures -
contesting a collective perspective.

20210915 Anna Nadja VDW 0009 Low Res

Forbidden Fruit curated by Maria Cristina Didero / Design Miami Basel 2021

A still life focused on fruit - correlated with moral code throughout the centuries.

Associated with temptation, seduction & lust – burdened with polemic values that defined visual language & are pillars of cultural heritage.

A whole and intense universe expressed through objects, frozen, hesitantly waiting to continue a never-ending story. Forbidding and precious, as the famed fruit.

Objects to define tales. Refined creations expanding their roles - revisiting pre-formed assumptions, finally re-evaluating prejudices and established positions. A scenario framed within a distinct tension, between belief and disbelief – a still life referring to consolidated traditions of moral / immoral codes, charged with undecipherable myths.

mc didero

as if a fruit

could hold eternal condemnation

as if thirst for knowledge

could signify catastrophic destiny

as if curiosity

could originate infinite guilt

as if a simple gesture

could stereotype identities

as if a single choice

could define future generations

as if being human

could expel you from paradise

Souvenirs of Loneliness Collaboration in Isolation / Anna Zimmermann / VDW 2020

Loneliness as a transient experience. The transformation of the individual into a collective condition. Ten objects defining different layers of this relatively modern phenomenon. Manufactured by viennese master artisans in bronze, silver, glass, wood & the virtual world as souvenirs or relics memorializing this recent emotion.

Afraid suddenly that this was all there was to it. (Ted Hughes)

Whole New Ballgame Collectible Curates / Paris Design Week

Whole new ballgame.

When movement came to a halt & togetherness was enforced –

interactions regulated / orchestrated & choreographed.

Relationships inevitably fell back into patterns of dependency.

Five objects in bronze examining the fragility of closeness.

A special thanks –
as always to Martin Hufnagl, Vienna

Paris Design Week 2020
Thu 3 – Mon 7 Sept: 11:00 – 19:00
Sat 5 Sept: late night opening until 21:00
Tue 8 Sept: 11:00 – 17:00

Espace Commines, Le Marais
17 Rue Commines, 75003 Paris
Metro Filles du Calvaire/Saint-Sébastien Froissart

HONEY, SHE SAID ... Collectible / Brussels

Exploring the hallucinogenic tedium of daily routines — promises of paradise—casually broken. The collaboration with Sofie Lachaert from atelier lachaert dhanis and Paul M Graves & Aleksandar Pertemov aka Abby Union is referencing sensual toys, serving deli bal, a honey from the Caucasus with stimulating & aphrodisiac qualities. Precious utensils serving prosaic and ceremonial tasks, but ultimately examining notions of lust, love & temptation.

Future Loves Wallpaper Handmade / Milano

„Fascinated by research that suggests that drugs can be used to modulate love, Nadja Zerunian has conceived a physical and pharmaceutical representation of three building blocks of love: lust, attraction and attachment. With the help of crystal glass specialist Lobmeyr, Zerunian has created three crystal receptacles and corresponding spoons and spatulas made from gold-plated copper, while Alexander Ehrmann of Vienna’s Saint Charles Apothecary has developed the matching potions: ‘Lust’ is an ingestible powder from clary sage, parsley, arginine and saffron; ‘Attraction’ is a liquid made from yohimbine, ginseng and maca; ‘Attachment’ is a wearable concoction from bergamot, jasmine, rose, sandalwood and ambergris.“

Wallpaper, Emma Moore

Saint Charles Apothecary

A sixth-generation chemist, Alexander Ehrmann has been managing Vienna’s renowned Saint Charles Apothecary since 2006, combining tradition with modern pharmacology to produce a range of natural remedies, cosmetics and health supplements.


Founded in 1823 by Joseph Lobmeyr, this Viennese glass manufacturer has a long and illustrious history. Its collaborators include Thomas Edison, Josef Hoffmann and, more recently, Matteo Thun and Ted Muehling.

Other Loves Alcova Sassetti / Milano

We always try to challenge what seems to be the ephemeral nature of love -  this most powerful emotion, that makes us so vulnerable & exposed when unrequited or lost. To defy the non-predictability of this sensation we have throughout history developed tools to give us the illusion of mastering our own destiny. From ancient rituals of erotic thrill, to classical spells of attraction & compulsion. From medieval potions & rituals or contemporary enhancements - we do not yet have deciphered the magic spell, that true loves hold.

Other loves

Cinq á sept Collectible / Brussels

„Cinq á sept is the time for secret encounters: illicit love is best consumed in the afternoon. Even if only two people are involved in the act, every affair is a ménage à trois. The most unpretentious objects can become mysterious and symbolically charged when placed on a stage: in this case a series of precious vessels visualize collective complicity and intricate connections. Like in a psychological role-play, 35 sets, always composed of three objects, explore the triangulations of human interactions, attachments and bonds. It is at times a balancing act, missing links, final straws or ultimate touches, that create tension, allow intimacy or are the destructive element of a predictable pattern.“

Alice Stori Liechtenstein

Glorious Standing
Supportive Act
Calculated Risk
Discreet Arrangement
Alternative Deal
Double Hearted
Balancing Act
Complicit Complication
Yes, Dear
Like you Said
Tipping Point
Perfect Match
Inevitable Assosciation
Up to a Point
Reality Check

Welcomed Distraction
Occasional Alliance
What a Drag
Intimate Intensity
Routine’s Remedy
Comme Toujours
Another Kind of Love
Side Step
Here &There
Promises, Promises
Suspended Thrill

Liabilities Design Miami / Miami

„Nadja Zerunian uses objects the way a playwrite uses dialogue. She conjures forms out of precious metals, and places them in conversation with one another. Her vessels and tools might serve prosaic or ceremonial tasks, like pouring or serving, but they are ultimately an effort to explore ideas – a Freudian attempt to free feelings and emotions. Liabilities, is a series of objects, interpreting the complexity and ordinary nature of relationships. Produced with traditional Transylvanian Roma artisans, who use to this day their archaic methods and tools, the metal vessels portray one hundred scenarios, exploring human interactions, attachments and bonds. The multiple ways relationships unfold – seducing, balancing, supporting, overbearing, bonding – are mirrored in the way the bowls, plates, jugs rest next to each other. These beautifully crafted objects, deliberately arranged and perfectly executed, are precious treasures to behold. Or perhaps an army of lovers, waiting to be freed from a spell by the magic power of touch.“

Alice Stori Liechtenstein

adjusted coordination
bonded arrangement
fused alignment
deceptive submission
attached affiliation
calculated placement
altered direction
fatalist pact
patient revolution
controlled procedure
gradual amendment
bored variation
assured roles
obedient compliance
deferential engagement
probable confirmation
stoic alliance
flirtatious addiction
dependent formation
predictable triviality
uniform destiny
adventurous frivolity
delicate monotony
hazardous probe
lively confrontation
exaggerated formality
mischievous combination
seductive play
integrated autonomy
spirited provision
validated stereotype
indestructible protocol
timid retreat
accepted triangulation
compromised situation
regulated track
excessive admiration
disappointed expectation
committed rite
exhausted anticipation
perfected routine
superficial unity
perplexing sameness
transient intimacy
reserved dependability
decisive loyalty
detached reflection
liable security
generous interpretation
conventional deal
reliable configuration

steady constancy
familiar replication
relaxed obligation
perpetual possibility
established deliverable
accentuated vacancy
improbable position
delicious seduction
coquettish pursuit
unconditional dedication
symbiotic comfort
energized chase
amorous production
extroverted intensity
precarious balance
rooted proximity
discarded trophy
settled endowment
visionary translation
defiant condition
extensive happiness
perfect deception
complete togetherness
trusted assurance
natural attachment
synergic connection
detectable delusion
persistent resemblance
proven setting
complicit consideration
naive mandate
lost integrity
consequent liberty
determined commitment
eternal fantasy
renounced individuality
ephemeral bind
profound fragility
incomprehensible completeness
impenetrable devotion
absolute reliability
categorical chance
passive hostility
ecstatic closeness
total harmony
comprehensive fusion
celebrated affinity
caring bond
discrete isolation
intact utopia.

Love’s Labour’s Ventura Future / Milano

The classic geometry of a human condition compensating for paradise lost. A series of volumes decoding complex relationship scenarios. Copper, chased by hand. Gold plated. Red enameled.

I need you.
I need you – You need me.
I need you to need me.

One love
Two loves

Structured routines
Balanced habits
Gradual adjustments.

Predictable compositions
Devoted sameness
Symbiotic deceptions.

Complex ties
Conclusive positions
Resigned consequences.

One love, Two loves
True loves.

Liabilities nadja zerunian maria victor eva and eva clopotar credit mark glassner
© Mark Glassner; Maria, Victor, Eva and Eva Clopotar

Stillness Vienna Design Week / Vienna

A site specific interaction / embracing the history but also austerity of a vacated space / investigating the routines of last exchanges – but ultimately exploring our own transient presence.

The silent quality of being
transcending the now.

Infinite moments
losing their sound
concluding in ultimate pause.

Rites of goodbyes
becoming white.


Rituals for boredom Vienna Design Week / Vienna

Seven rituals promising a state of monotony in an over-saturated environment. Seven tools encouraging to either compose or decelerate delay to disconnect de-stimulate, then detach before diverting to ultimate boredom & emptiness. Exquisite materials. Essential shapes. Masterfully crafted. A global conversation, honoring the emotional state of boredom. www.ritualsforboredom.com www.sarahlindaforrer.com

With Sarah Linda Forrer

Compose / Discompose
Decelerate / Absorb
Delay / Sort
Disconnect / Pause
De-stimulate / Isolate
Detach / Repeat
Divert / Obsess

Dinner Darling Operae / Torino

Exploring the world of poisons, toxins & dangers – exposing the malefaction of beauty. A wicked temptation, a fatal attraction, a perfect little universe, masterfully curated, skillfully narrated. Each tray epitomizes either a toxic substance, a ruinous poison or grave danger, an assemblage of objects, made by hand, mixed with cherished treasures, delicately balanced, perfectly composed. Exquisitely crafted, fatally deceptive, dangerously destructive. Intimate, mischievous & tempting. precious, transient & precarious.

Curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein

Hemlock (conium maculatum),
innocently fragile

Apple (malum),
conveniently available

Uranium (vaseline glass),
luminously radiant

Mold (mould),
commonly forgotten

Angels Trumpet (brugmansia),
viciously vindictive

Blue Vitriol (copper sulfate),
intensely coarse

Elderberry (sambucus),
dangerously familiar

Lily of the Valley (convallaria majalis),
purely naive

White Baneberry (acatea pachypoda),
banal & fatal

Bitter Oyster (panellus stipticus),
obsessively luminous

In best company Zain / Cluj

I am obsessed – one can confirm. A pottery – groupie so to say. The first cooperation had to be with a man I truly admire. Thank you Matthias.

Eleven bowls thrown by hand
by Matthias Kaiser.

Add ons, chased by hand
by Victor Clopotar.






Love’s Labour’s Ventura Future / Milano (i)